The Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners consists of five (5) elected officials, each representing a geographic district, all of whom are elected by their districts.  As the governing body of the County, the Board of County Commissioners perform legislative, budgetary, and policy-making functions, and advocates for citizens at all levels of government.


Equally important, the Board of County Commissioners establishes the vision and sets the direction for County government to plan for the future challenges that will face our community.  What the Commission does: The Hamilton County Charter and  Chapter 125.01

of the Florida Statutes establish the specific duties and powers of the Board of County Commissioners.


Exercising their legislative powers, the County Commission adopts ordinances (local laws) and resolutions to establish policies and programs, and to provide public services and facilities primarily for the unincorporated areas of the county.


The County Commissioners consider major problems facing County government and guides the growth and development of the county in a manner that is consistent with public interest.




The mission of County government is to provide the highest quality, cost effective services to the citizens and taxpayers of Hamilton County.  It is, therefore, the duty of County government to provide services to the public with the highest level of courtesy, cooperation, and efficiency.  Encourage economic stability through expansion of existing businesses, attraction of new investment and quality employment opportunities, and the promotion of Hamilton County as a tourist destination.



The Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners meet regularly on the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 9 AM and the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 6 PM.  Meetings are held in the Boardroom located at 207 NE First Street, Jasper, FL 32052.

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County Administration Offices


Hamilton County Courthouse

207 NE First Street

Jasper, FL 32052

Greg Godwin, Clerk

207 NE First Street, Room 106

Jasper, FL 32052

Ph. (386) 792-1288



Hamilton County Courthouse Annex

1153 US Hwy 41 NW

Jasper, FL 32052


Danny Johnson, County Coordinator

1153 US Hwy 41 NW, Suite 2

Jasper, FL 32052

Ph. (386) 792-6639




John H. McCormick, County Attorney

215 NE Second Street

Jasper, FL 32052

Ph. (386) 792-2395


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